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I really can't help but feel like the last few months of are flying by; however, for those of you wondering, these three zodiac signs will have the best November : Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius. Now, by no means am I upset to say goodbye to this brutal AF year, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone here. I kid you not, the amount of anxiety I had last year on New Year's Eve was beyond overwhelming. I am no guru, trust me, but I think my physical body was trying to warn me of what was to come. I still remember looking at the clock, dreading the sound of the crowds once the clock struck 12, and here we are.

It's the second to last month of , and we are good as new. There's a lot happening with the cosmos this month, and we're about to feel some serious shifts. Bad news first: Mercury goes retrograde on the same day that Venus goes direct. I know, can Mother Nature give us a break already? I swear, I laughed to myself when I saw that.

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What are the odds, that after a pretty rough Venus Retrograde, we are forced to experience yet another retro cycle, with no breaks in between? I say we all do a rain dance for the gods. I'm totally serious. On a brighter note, lucky Jupiter will enter its home sign on Nov. Jupiter is often referred to as the Great Benefic, as it is the planet of luck, abundance, spiritual healing, higher learning, and philosophy. This planet is a total pick-me-up, especially for you, Sagittarius! Which reminds me, here's why Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius will most likely have the best November ever:.

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The sun is in Scorpio, aka your sister sign, and it's shedding its light over your fun-filled fifth house of romance, play, and creative expression until Nov. However, that's not even the best part. On Nov. This energy is so so helpful, as it will bring abundance and prosperity to all of your hard work, and most importantly, your well-being.


Warning: Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius, and this area of your chart, on Nov. Make sure you read the fine print during this time, Cancer. Mercury in Sagittarius tends to be a little sloppy, as well as a procrastinator, but you've got this. Exciting news is communicated to you in time for you to take the right path and decision.

Lucky number 3. Business opportunities seem to come unexpectedly from far-off places. You no longer need to be limited professionally, as new horizons open up for you. Relationships are wonderful as long as there are no restrictions. You get involved in club or group activity. Destiny changes the course of your life as new opportunities present themselves today. You get in touch with the source of pulsating energy that inspires and nourishes you, by getting centered inside.

You are a whirling force of activity and accomplish a lot. Lucky number 1.

Astrology Horoscope Predictions For Today, 11/16/2018 For Each Zodiac Sign

Colour saffron. Move with the gentleness of this time - feel the fluttering within and spread your wings to be free! A creative opportunity allows you to be original and express ideas freely. A relationship is vital and romantic, as there is a lot of energy and fire in it. You are willing to accept the challenge to discover unexplored avenues as new experiences beckon you.

Your relationships and projects are infused with a quality of playfulness that lifts them out of the mundane and surrounds them with an aura of uniqueness.

Here is your horoscope for November 16, 2018

Lucky number 7. The unexpected is likely to happen and surprise you. Someone up there seems to be pulling a few strings to make wonderful things happen. Have trust in life and in yourself as you go through a difficult time before you come to a business opportunity and gain.

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Lucky number 4. Tender care in relationships and friendships is on the cards. Success and achievement allow you to rest on your laurels relax and take a vacation but don't be too complacent or laid back and lazy, as amazing new dimensions are still waiting to be discovered. Colour pink. Your leadership qualities are expressed as you make a dynamic new beginning at work and take charge of situations.

You inspire others to change attitudes and enthuse the work culture with motivation and creativity. You deal with people in power with ease. Colour yellow.

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Here is your horoscope for November 16, Check out what the stars say your day will be like today. LEO There is an abundance of love and friendship as feelings and ideas are exchanged and understood. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from. Post your comment.