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You will spend a good time with your family and showcase respect for your parents.

Jathagam Kattam (ஜாதக கட்டம் ) - Free Birth Chart in Tamil

Lunar eclipse in the month of July is indicating good results in your life. You will get promotion in your career and there is a chance of promotion as well. On the other hand, the solar eclipse in December may harm you. In the meanwhile, you need to concentrate on your work otherwise a slight mistake may put you in big trouble.

According to Virgo predictions, your health will face several ups and downs during this year. Also, you will receive mixed results in terms of your health. For instance, in addition to health benefits, you will also see a downfall in your health condition.

You will get mixed results in your career. There will be many opportunities in this area, where you may have to be disappointed. On the contrary, there will be numerous opportunities where you will taste success. People with Virgo zodiac sign will achieve professional success via your efficient communication skills. Your economic life will be better than the usual and you will begin to feel it from the beginning of this year.

In the months of January, February and March, you will get income from different sources, but at this time, your expenses are likely to increase. However, circumstances will still remain under your control. Year will offer mixed results for your love life. In this time period, you will have to witness ups and downs. The beginning of the year is not favorable for the love life.

At this time, you may have to face challenges in love life. Click here to read detailed predictions for your zodiac sign: Virgo Horoscope. Venus, the lord of Libra will transit to Scorpio on 1st January. During this period of time, there may occur some auspicious functions at your house which will bring happiness in family. Do not perform any holy work between 9th July to 19th September. You may face some problems or health issues during this time. Do not eat oily foods between January to March and after 22nd April to 5th November because you may put on weight. Look what you eat.

The transit of Venus into Aries will bring joy to your marriage life and you will enjoy a pleasant time with your spouse.

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You will receive very good results in your career. After March, your new ideas will aid you in getting successful. At this time, you will get better results in the work area. You will receive support from co-workers, but not as much as you would expect from them. Hence, do not rely on them blindly. In the economic sector, you will get better results than expected. In the economic area, fate will also accompany you and there will be many opportunities to strengthen your financial status.

In this year, a new relationship might get built with someone. You compatibility with the love partner will be flawless. However, there might be situations wherein you may have to face disappointment. You will stay happy with the peace and happiness inside the house. In the middle of the year, a great news might please you. At this time, there might be an auspicious program at home. Click here to read detailed predictions for your zodiac sign: Libra Horoscope. On 6th February, Mars, the ruling lord of Scorpio, will enter Aries which is the mool trikona or triangular sign of Mars.

As a result, you will get success over the matters related to court or judiciary. On the other hand, during this time you may suffer from bad health. On 9th August, Mars will enter your tenth house, as a result, you may get promoted and receive higher authority. Transit of Saturn in your second house will bring harshness in your voice.

Do think twice before you speak. Transit of Jupiter will bring a glimpse of foresight in your decisions which will be fruitful for your future perspectives. According to Scorpio forecast, a look at your health condition depicts that you need to be a little cautious about your health. You might deal with your fitness problem. If your health declines, do not be carelessness.

Get immediate treatment for your disease. The months of February and March might remain a bit delicate for your health. On the contrary, a look at the career depicts there are high chances of receiving great results in your professional life. You will get success in your career and you will come across numerous golden opportunities on the career front. You can get a job offer from a good company. There is also a possibility of going abroad due to work. This year will render mixed results for your economic life. You might notice ups and downs on the economic front.

You will find a difference between your expenses and income, so make proper adjustments between the income and expenses in your financial life. On the other hand, the year is quite favorable for your love life. There will be an opportunity to romance with the beloved and the relationship will be strengthened.

Click here to read detailed predictions for your zodiac sign: Scorpio Horoscope. This year, two major eclipses will be affecting your sign. On July 16 the lunar eclipse and on December 26, a Solar eclipse will take place in your moon sign. You might suffer from anxiety and stress. On the other hand, your health will also be a reason to worry. The ruling planet of Sagittarius, i. Jupiter will remain in your sign from March 30 to April 22 and from November 05 till the end of the year, putting an end to your sufferings and worries.

Your health will improve and you will get rid of a disease that has affected you from a long time. In work matters, you will taste sweet success.

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From April 10 to August 11, Jupiter will retrograde and from December 14, the planet that has the power to eliminate all the obstacles from your life will be set. You will not be able to reap the benefits it could offer to you. However, with your efforts, you may still succeed. The annual astrology of Sagittarius zodiac sign indicates that in the first month of this year you may have to face health-related problems. You may feel tired during a trip. Drive a vehicle carefully in this year. In terms of career, this year will bring you mixed results. In this year, you may have to face several ups and downs in your career.

You will get the result of your hard work. At this time, you may get promotion in your job or there might be a hike in your current salary. On the other hand, the conditions related to the financial sector will be favorable for you. You will get financial help from different sources. Ancestral property will increase. Your family will help you strengthen your economic condition. If you do any business or have established a firm then you will have financial profits. You will be a little more serious about your love life during this year.

If there is a dispute with the partner, do not exaggerate the same, rather deal with it through a discussion. The health of the family members will remain commendable. Parents may suffer from minor health problems. Click here to read detailed predictions for your zodiac sign: Sagittarius Horoscope. The lord of your zodiac sign Saturn will enter your twelfth house which will bring you under the effect of sade sati. It will affect your health and increase your expenses, which will again affect you mentally and financially.

Although, a foreign source will bring profit for you and you will carry out religious deeds. In the starting of the year till 20th January and after that till 27th December, Saturn will set and as a result, it will affect you less. On the other hand, your financial condition will increase because of the retrograde of Saturn between 30th April to 18th September. During this period of time, all your desires will get fulfilled. Transit of Jupiter indicates tremendous economic gain between January to 30th March and 22nd April to 5th November. You may suffer from serious health issues because of the Lunar eclipse in July.

This will be a good year for you. However, you may have to face some problems due to health reasons. During the initial three months viz: January, February and March, your health will remain in a good state. At this time, you will feel energetic, but after that from the month of April to September, you may have to face health problems. Economic life will comprise of ups and downs. There is a possibility of an increase in your expenses during this year, but in terms of income, there is less chance of a hike. However, there is a strong probability of benefitting financial due to international relations.

If you are into a job, then you are likely to receive promotion or an appreciation from the management. The month of October will also bring lots of good news for you. You will grow in your business. You will thoroughly enjoy your love life. Your love life will be exciting. If you want to make your love partner a life partner, then this wish of yours is likely to get fulfilled this year. Click here to read detailed predictions for your zodiac sign: Capricorn Horoscope. This year the lord of your zodiac sign will enter your eleventh house.

As a result, you will receive long time benefits and your future plans will get successful. You will have to work hard on the professional front to get the right result after a while. You will get various kinds of happiness and benefits because of the transit of Venus into Aquarius on 22nd March. Lunar Eclipse happening on 16th July will bring good news and fortune for you. Apart from this, the transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius will bring economic profits from more than one source. During this time, people who wish to have children can get good news. Those who are planning to get married for a long time may tie the knot.

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According to Aquarius Horoscope, your health condition will remain good throughout this year. You will stay healthy and feel more energetic. There will be a lot of excitement, passion, excitement and phenomenal energy within you. In this year, your career will get heightened. You will get success in your area of work. Your decisions will help in making the career a lot more impressive. You will create great opportunities for yourself via your excellent decisions.

Your financial life will be fantastic. In this year, there are strong chances of receiving economic benefits. You will get money which will strengthen your financial situation. Also, you will be successful in accumulating wealth throughout this year. After March, your financial situation will continue to improve.

There will be multiple sources of income and you will also be happy on the economic front. In this year, your love life will be better than the normal. The beginning of the year will be a bit slow. Till the month of March, you may have to face several ups and downs in your love life. However, during this time period, have full faith in your love and do not break the faith of your loved one. Click here to read detailed predictions for your zodiac sign: Aquarius Horoscope.

Your ruling lord Jupiter will remain in your ninth house till 30th March, which will bring good luck to you. After that, you may face some problems at work front when it will enter your tenth house. You need to work hard because of the transit of Saturn into your tenth house. However, your hard work will surely bring you positive results but you have to do it with honesty.

Lunar eclipse in July will be profitable for you. Transit of Mars into your eighth house will affect your health after 10th November. You will get success in your work after the transit of Mars into Scorpio on 25th December.

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According to Pisces predictions, your health will remain in a good condition during this year. However, you still need to be very cautious about your health. Yin order to keep yourself fit, you can do yoga, exercises, gyming, running, etc. Make your daily routine healthier. Get up early in the morning and sleep at the right time during the night. Get enough sleep for maintaining good health. You may also choose to do meditation in order to keep the mind stable. If you are mentally and physically fit, then your career can get sky-rocketed during this year.

In the workspace, you will get a brand new identity. Your image will be that of a hardworking, dedicated and honest working professional. You may have to face financial challenges and hence there is a need to be careful about your financial situation throughout this year. Before proceeding ahead with a risky decision, make sure to think about it or you may have to suffer a financial loss. In this year, you are likely to remain in a state of confusion about your love life.

There might be a specific doubt in your mind regarding your romantic relationship. There also might be a heated argument with your love partner regarding a specific subject. Click here to read detailed predictions for your zodiac sign: Pisces Horoscope. We expect that the astrological predictions for the new year gives you a deep insight about your life and various aspects of it. We try and incorporate our predictions on the basis of Vedic Astrology and evaluate different areas of life through planetary positions, nakshatras and timings or muhurat.

Read detailed horoscope prediction of every zodiac sign and know how favorable the stars are for your moon sign in the year Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Aries Horoscope The ruling planet of your sign - Mars - will remain set from July 12 to October Taurus Horoscope Saturn will reside in the eight house of your sign. Gemini Horoscope There may occur some kind of stress in your married life because of the Saturn transit in your seventh house. The only thing you need to do is to enter your date of birth and birth time in the spaces given.

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