Pisces money horoscope december 2019

All those sleepless nights researching, studying, brainstorming, rewriting, and revising are finally over.

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Now you will have the rewards of your blood, sweat, and tears. Opportunities to earn extra income will also start presenting themselves. Professional ambitions are high and strong this time of the year.

Pisces Horoscope July

You want to accomplish all that you need at work while also getting started on your own personal projects. This is entirely doable, although some aspects of your life will suffer in the long run. Be careful not to let things get difficult or be burdened by too much work. The key days in June, as far as Pisces career and money horoscope is concerned, are June 8 th , June 9 th , and June 10 th , The focus of your life this period will be your work and the people who make your work easy or challenging.

Pisces Horoscope 12222

This period also signals a time to focus on the pursuits that you truly care about and the things that you are really passionate about. The only difficult thing is figuring out what makes you happy. You can be successful with any career that you build, but you need to be responsible for the happiness that you will derive from it. You have a strong work ethic, but you also push yourself too hard. Go easy on yourself because people will see and notice the work that you put in.

The key days in July, as far as Pisces career and money horoscope is concerned, are July 15 th , July 17 th , and July 19 th , The change that you are waiting for is here, and your eyes are finally wide open! Give yourself a pat on the back for your self-restraint and self-discipline.

There will be changes expected in the workplace. You might have been too absorbed or weighed down with work and other commitments. This is a welcome break for you to survey all that you have accomplished the past few months, even the past few years. You can take this time to figure out what else you want to be doing. Possibly new projects that can earn extra money.

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You can easily set these plans in motion because of your natural business acumen and never say die attitude. The key days in August, as far as Pisces career and money horoscope is concerned, are August 21 st , August 22 nd , and August 29 th , Pisces in September will focus more on making a fresh start. This period is also about learning to stand on your own two feet, as well as balancing your most important relationships.

There may be a need to revisit old plans or ideas and incorporate new approaches, visions, and views. Furthermore, this period will be filled with opportunities that will cover both work and recreational activities. You may even experience a surge of sales from your business for no particular reason. It will generally be a period of growth and success. You will never run out of amazing opportunities. The key days in September, as far as Pisces career and money horoscope is concerned, are September 15 th , September 24 th , and September 29 th , When it comes to career and money for Pisces, October can be erratic and unpredictable, especially in terms of income.

And then there will also be periods when everything just goes out and nothing ever comes in. It is expense after expense, and no income is generated. But everybody goes through these kinds of lull. This month is also a great time to meet new business partners and invest in new projects. You are the best business partner because not only are you generous with your time and your talents, you are also willing to help others.

Just try to strike a balance between your gains and your losses. Be consistent with your output and enjoy the fruits of your labor moderately and responsibly. The key days in October, as far as Pisces career and money horoscope is concerned, are October 13 th , October 18 th , and October 25 th , The Pisces career and money horoscope for November is an indicator that all your hard work the past few years is finally coming to fruition.

This is the time to bask in the success that you have been working hard to achieve. You truly deserve it. You will finally experience the satisfaction and pleasure of seeing everything paying off. However, make sure that you have done your homework and that you have thought about it thoroughly before going for it. It will not be without challenges and hardships. Once you decide to go for it, you can only move forward and throw away all doubts out the window.

Your previously well-defined self-image and personal boundaries may start to dissolve around you. You may also be subject to deception or treachery from others. October 13 to November 30 — Saturn sextile Neptune climaxing on November 8 helps you make your dreams come true with hard work and a sensible, realistic approach.

You will understand your own limitations but also be optimistic. Spiritual wisdom brings patience and self-discipline to sacrifice short-term gratification for long-term success. May 20 to October 24 — Jupiter square your decan gives the push you need to make some great progress in life. You will feel the urge to expand your horizons, try new things, have more fun and make more money. But avoid being too optimistic, greedy, over-confident, excessive or wasteful. October 9 to 20 — Mercury trine your decan brings good news and pleasant conversation. This is a good time for serious negotiations and for making long-range plans because of common sense and practicality.

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Acute mental skills are matched by open and honest communications. October 14 to 17 — Mercury trine Neptune on the 15th enhances your creativity, imagination, sensitivity, and spirituality. Your communication skills benefit from a non-threatening, caring and soft influence. People will want to listen to you, especially in person because of a sensual type of attractiveness. October 15 to 25 — Venus trine your decan brings love, kindness, affection, gifts and compliments.

October 18 to 22 — Venus sextile Saturn on the 20th brings an increased need for companionship. This is the right time to seek reassurance or more commitment from your partner. Any new romance would be serious and true love, and there may be a marked age difference. Pisces horoscope October is based on planetary transits to Pisces Decan 2, not to houses, zones or sectors. All year — Pluto sextile your decan brings opportunities to increase your personal power and ability to reform your life for the better.

Relationships will feel more intense but in a good way. You should find deeper meaning in all areas of life which will stay with you. Hidden talents will emerge to help your personal and professional advancement. September 16 to October 5 — Mars opposite your decan brings resistance from others if you are too selfish or assertive. It may feel like others are standing in your way or opposing your will so choose your battles carefully.

A compromise or tactical retreat might be best. Exercise and hard work can relieve tension but avoid overexertion and risk-taking.

Pisces 12222 Horoscope

October 6 to November 30 — Jupiter square your decan gives the push you need to make some great progress in life. You will feel the urge to have more fun and make more money. If you need to advocate for yourself or promote a passion project, the stars support you. Got a big announcement to drop or a creation to debut? Craft that viral post and book the venue! With imaginative Neptune hovering near the full moon, everything you touch will be imbued with an extra hit of glamour and magnetism.

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  7. Since April 29, many Pisces found it tough to rally the troops or get your team to pull their weight. Quality over quantity! You could be promoted to a leadership role in a group or invited to join a prestigious members-only society. It might take prioritizing and planning, but it will be well worth it when your tanks are refilled. Slip off the grid to rejuvenate starting September 23, when the Sun plunges into Libra and your private, restorative eighth house.

    With el Sol heating up this erotic sector, a mind-body-soul connection could turn into a sizzling fall romance, especially at the September 28 Libra new moon. The eighth house rules shared finances and investments, and over the next four weeks, you could find ways to make your money work harder for you.


    The new moon could serve up an opportunity to join forces with a fellow power player before the month ends.