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Together you both feel a resounding sense of purpose, in a warm, mutual way. You fuel each other's fire. Suddenly parts of you that have felt wounded for a while are impossible to ignore. You inspire each other to find healing and be shameless about it. In particular, this relationship shines a light on areas of your life where you were hiding, as if nursing a wound. It may feel painful at times to feel the spotlight on your wounds. And yet, this relationship inspires you to start walking down your unique path toward self-healing, embracing your own methods, however unconventional they are to others.

You have a unique opportunity to share your own methods of healing with one another, and this is something you may find yourself connecting around often. At the same time, there can be a danger of trying to over-analyze each others problems - getting excessively absorbed in the idea that you need to solve each other's issues. When the Sun and Chiron touch in synastry, it is as if the a roaring fire gets nestled by a drizzly, yet protective, fog.

It is soothing and the elements balance well. However, there is always a chance that the wet element become over powering or, more directly, engage in over analyzing. You can't solve each other's issues. That is primarily a process that is individual. But you can be teachers to one another, sharing your own spiritual processes and paths to healing. You are likely to find that together you come across crazy insights that completely change the way you process things.

Like the story of Chiron, who was "the wounded healer", your gift to each other is sharing your own path to self-healing. But the inconjunct beats them all. Sun inconjunct Mars synastry: exaggerated competition and sometimes even aggression. Unhealthy sexual relationship. Sun inconjunct Saturn is one of the hardest aspects to deal with. It always takes more than just one aspect and charts should always be seen as a whole, related to circumstances, gender, genes and history or culture, but still I find it a difficult aspect.

Sun inconjunct Uranus synastry is what I have with every person born in the ultimate days of January and November. So it looks like he was a substitute for another guy. Sun inconjunct Uranus reflects the danger of alienation and a loss end of the relationship. Kennedy, the murdered president and she never got over it.

His Neptune is inconjunct her natal Sun. Neptune never seems to see what it really happening and idolizes persons. The pink glasses on Neptune and losing it inconjunct. Venus inconjunct Mars synastry: exaggerated passion, ups and downs, passion getting lost like on the see saw, up, down, up down and eventually declining. It takes more to stick together. You can have a passion for stamps or a sport or astrology. Lots of people are wrong more often than you are. This broader view will help you be right more often once you 1earn to live with uncertainty. Certainty is an illusion anyway.

Aries is an 8th house influence from Virgo. This makes it a little further from understanding since it crosses the boundary into the unseen area of faith which believes that a major change can be survived. Even though Virgo works harmoniously with Scorpio, the natural 8th house, Aries at the 8th house angle threatens Virgo's personal existence. Even so, the mentality of Aries is most tantalizing. Flashes of insight which bring a threat to the relationship through judgment attracts Virgo's attention.

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A romantic routine turns out to be a closed temple which neither were meant to be caught in. A lot of improvement must be made on the part of both before the freedom of passage is open and visible. Until Virgo is able to see its way through this blockade, it will be very difficult if not impossible to properly compute, analyze, and categorize the mental genius of Aries. Aries looks nothing like genius to Virgo, which prides itself on being rational if nothing else. It will be impossible for Virgo to pin Aries down long enough to get a good look. The only way for communication to improve will be for Virgo to rise above it in order to get a broader view.

Aries may never understand Virgo. However, if Virgo is to save itself it has no choice but to broaden the view. There are pearls of wisdom here which must be recognized before they can be harvested. The pearls are to be found in scientific knowledge and hidden power as well as the intangible power of Pisces to transform what is obviously at odds with a workable solution. Science, through Quantum physics, is beginning to find evidence that what the mystics were saying centuries ago has validity.

This is the place where science and religion may move humanity into a new evolutionary level. In the meantime, those of you who have these contradictory influences to deal with need to have patience with yourself to make the puzzle you face meaningful to your own advantage. Intangible realities make the tangible realities more endurable and will increase your faith that security is there even when the evidence is lacking. You will develop a way of knowing which supports a sense of calm.

With Chiron taking over the rulership of Libra this quincunx makes the need to recognize value in contradictory demands more obviously necessary to make Libra a whole person. Libra's assignment is to preside over relationships. This must be accommodated at the level of evolution which the society has reached. Libra's ability has been badly restricted under the rulership of Venus which is far more compatible to rule Taurus. Libra is now in a better position to be the focal point of this YOD, the finger of God, or the balanced Quincunx.

This situation is helped by Aries, the opposite sign, supporting Libra's necessity to be in charge of itself before assuming the assignment of being a dependable partner to anyone else. Libra has always recognized the need to keep others at arms length to avoid being inundated by meeting the needs of another person in a relationship.

Indecisiveness has been Libra's only defense, for which it has received considerable criticism. The scales as the symbol of blind justice given to Libra demands detachment. Well, detachment is certainly a necessary element. However, we also need support and companionship in a relationship which does not foster a power hierarchy of one over the other. Taurus must anchor Libra without imprisonment. Libra must maintain balance without giving up the feeling qualities Pisces has to offer. Taurus is able to wallow in the feelings of Pisces with no problem.

It feels good to Taurus. This combination feels like getting pulled into a swamp for Libra. I need to breathe. Nothing is more important than anything else. Everything has its place whether it is to be found or not. Getting Pisces out of this tendency to wallow in order to put your shoulder to the wheel and get something - anything - done is a puzzlement to Libra to say the least. Libra has difficulty recognizing Pisces' brand of support. Libra and the society is having difficulty recognizing, even when it works, how effective it is to just do what looks right to you without the need to either blame or credit someone else any more than yourself.

However, very few if anyone recognizes what they did or didn't do to reap the rewards or punishment which befalls them. Looking for answers within yourself is the last place you look. When the Gods were discussing where to hide human divinity they decided to put it inside, expecting that it would be the last place they would look for it. And so it is. We seem to need scapegoats, someone or something to blame. All of this is going on in the society. Relationships are no longer following the old rules.

These three signs will trigger reactions in each other which present opportunities to see past the obvious problem to a fabulous solution. It will be easier to work this out with some people than others. Those of you who have this balanced quincunx stimulated in your own chart are directly faced with finding a workable way to deal with it. You are likely to jump from one concern to another about material resources, relationships and coming to grips with intangible realities which do not make sense to a world caught up with tangible logic as the only proof of reality.

Much of this may not only be confusing but also very frustrating in your efforts to use these energies to be your own person with yourself firmly planted on a three-tiered support system. The system will serve you very well once you learn to work with it from your own experience rather than trying to prove it to others with their criterion for proof.

Just do it your way.

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This quincunx is more caught up with what the society is dealing with at this time than any of the other quincunx combinations. The old rules have let us down. We are being forced to go where no earthly human has gone before. We have gone from the support of the family, to the tribe, to community, to race, to nationality, to religious dogma in order to hold us together, needing the support of some kind of group. The USA has focused on freedom to accept all of these categories equally with emphasis on family. Now the family breakdown is finishing the kind of support we have always counted on.

Those of you with this quincunx will not only be helped but also be forced to deal with this requirement in order to take humanity one step further. You will need to give equal and unprejudiced support to all of these elements in order to find answers we have yet to understand. With Libra at the focal point, relationships are the goal which must use the building blocks provided by Pisces the 12th House and all it represents, intuition, confinement, emotion, "bleeding heart", etc.

This water and earth combination is compatible. The air of Libra must put it to good use and still breathe. This relationship should become somewhat easier as we progress beyond Libra's dilemma with regard to relationships. Libra's quincunx with Pisces accounts for much of the problems we are now having in resolving relationships. We have been taught to put others first in order to be appreciated and rewarded. A lot of dependency has been encouraged with little satisfaction.

Libra is interested in people and has a desire to contribute to peace and harmony. Pisces' attraction to people is through sympathy. These two signs will work to establish an attractive and comfortable home. Libra is motivated by entertaining groups of people while Pisces prefers privacy and a less busy use of an attractive home.

Libra is concerned with peacemaking, sometimes at any price, often by slicing things down the middle, while Pisces oozes with sympathy, mostly offering very little help of anything like a tangible quality. Pisces is not likely to come up with advice which you feel pressured to accept. Libra will offer solutions which they consider fair and lose interest if this wisdom is rejected. Libra also needs a partner or someone on the other side of the tennis court.

However, Libra cannot be confined or restricted by too much togetherness. Pisces can be very smothering in its willingness to wallow in whatever problem or need for affection you may be experiencing. Air and water just have a great deal of trouble seeing things in the same way. Libra should be a little more comfortable with society as realization grows that everyone needs to be their own person before being an equal partner. Whereas, Pisces has little obvious trouble living with a hierarchy of protocol. Pisces has other less obvious ways of dealing with any and all levels that may be found.

They can be the power behind the throne with little or no recognition. Libra needs to have someone else make the decisions because they are too capable of seeing the dangers on both sides of any decision. They are happy to let someone else be responsible when these difficulties show up. They are much happier standing on the middle of the teeter-totter while others ride up and down.

Pisces is likely to take this "fence sitting" as being uninvolved and insensitive. Once these difficult rough edges are understood, a new awareness can be put together which encompasses considerable ability to work together. If you have this quincunx in your own chart you are likely to suffer until you find a way to deal with your sympathy and detachment together as a strength, not finding yourself continually on the horns of a dilemma which may appear to be hopeless. Both of these signs are vulnerable to feelings of guilt especially when they are unable to deal with their awareness of a contradiction which they are unable to blend.

When you are able to satisfy both qualities you will find a quiet confidence which is unshakeable. The arts seem to be the major attraction for these two. Both are attracted to beauty in nature and artworks which are man made. Libra has a lighter touch and an indecisive quality capable of driving Taurus crazy with too many possibilities Taurus can't cope with.

When Libra is at the focal point, Taurus is likely to feel a tornado is tearing up the sky. This may only be a gentle breeze as far as Libra is concerned. Taurus is an anchor for Libra. Libra has a problem with recognizing any value in an anchor. Libra has less concern about the cost of artistic endeavors, while Taurus prefers real value with durable quality and has a different view as to what is extravagant.

If Libra is calling the shots, it will be impossible for Taurus to feel like it is really an equal partner. This should ease as Chiron moves in to make Libra more independent as well as more responsible about wanting to have someone else to blame. If this quincunx lacks the balance of having something in Pisces it may be difficult to tell which is at the focal point. You will need to consider the relative strength of what is occupying each sign. Detriment or exaltation as well as mutual reception must be considered as to whether one side or the other leads in controlling the quincunx.

If you have this in one chart, you can expect to have difficulty in finding common ground on which to make decisions. However, once you do, you will find yourself much more sure of yourself as well as doing a much better job with whatever you have the confidence to undertake. The concerns on both sides of what seems to be incompatible are necessary if a better way is to be found.

You can feel very schizophrenic if you give in to one side or the other and then are brought back by an awareness of the value of the other. These two need to move towards each other in order to produce the best and most satisfactory results. The air of Libra as well as the earth of Taurus are both necessary for comfort and mobility without being immobilized or at loose ends with nowhere to settle down. Libra must be willing to snuggle while Taurus should not cage the bird out of fear of losing companionship. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand as two very necessary parts. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, very emotional: "Still waters run deep.

It is the sign that holds the keys to life and death, the mystery related to tangible and intangible. It is a sign of initiation into what life is really all about. Is death really final or merely a major change? Major changes always represent the end and the beginning of something new and unfamiliar. Controlling fire which has unlimited oxygen to keep it going takes something like deep, still waters. However, getting them to all work together without fear of each other is another story. Aries and Scorpio shared the same ruler before the discovery of Pluto. Scorpio was not at its best under this rulership.

Pluto symbolized the increased ability that was really native to Scorpio that society was unable to recognize prior to the discovery of Pluto. Society seemed to feel that the unknown part of Scorpio was purely destructive and something to be feared. After Pluto became available, awareness made at least some of Scorpio's hidden assets seem beneficial and generally more acceptable. However, Aries did not evolve beyond its nature to encompass what was already native to Scorpio, even though it was meaningless to society.

To Aries, Scorpio remained the symbol of death. Regeneration was not in its nature. After all, Aries is the first sign and always just getting started. Death was unknown. Aries' energy is fearless and exploratory. Aries doesn't need to know where it's going until it gets there. If it finds itself in the wrong place, it can always move on. Scorpio, a more mature sign, wishes to look carefully before it leaps. It prefers to look the situation over as thoroughly as possible before making any kind of commitment.

Once the commitment is made, it does not give up easily even though it may change methods of getting there many times. As for Gemini, it is even more of a problem to Scorpio than Aries. At first sight, Gemini may look like a gold mine of information. It isn't long before Scorpio feels threatened by Gemini's ability to broadcast everything that enters its head.

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Gemini is far too social and difficult to control to be considered a working partner. However, the damage may be done before Scorpio realizes what a problem Gemini can be. It does get along very well with Aries. Aries and Gemini can cover considerable territory with little if anything to hold them back. All three of these signs are information oriented and more or less dependent on information. However, the attitude and approach are vastly different. Scorpio gathers information by moving seductively and quietly through the area to be studied, with hardly anyone even knowing what if anything it is looking for.

Scorpio prefers to work under some kind of cover. Aries looks harmless at first, wanting to get there first in order to discover new territory and information. Aries does not care about being wrong. Nothing is wasted. Any adventure is worth the effort. There is very little thought or concern about what may be learned. All experience is valuable, whether or not it has any immediate use. Gemini stays closer to home, although not close enough to suit Scorpio.

Scorpio never knows if or when Gemini will be back. Gemini is fascinated with every little bit of information whether it is attached to anything or not. In fact, if it is attached to a mystery to be solved, Gemini is soon distracted with anything that might need concentration. Gemini thinks little about putting two and two together unless there is some interesting but insignificant combination to observe momentarily.

Although Gemini and Aries can have a marvelous and care free time together, they both feel tethered by Scorpio looking down on them and giving orders. If Scorpio is unable to control its frustration, Aries and Gemini are capable of causing Scorpio some real problems which are totally unplanned and unexpected. Scorpio will have to spend some effort getting to understand the workings of Aries and Gemini if it is to make any use at all of this very valuable resource.

The first thing is not to give orders. Scorpio can learn very effectively by just observing if there is nothing more personal to frustrate peace of mind. Scorpio will have to do more than that to get the most out of what Aries and Gemini have to offer. There needs to be enough understanding to instill compassion and appreciation for the feelings of these two who on the surface may appear not to have any feelings at all. It is when the feelings are stirred that real disasters can result.

If you are dealing with this balanced quincunx in one chart it may take some real work to keep this combination from destroying itself. However, real statesmanship is possible if the individual is able to watch feelings and be patient. Let your curiosity run wild when your Gemini influence rises. However, you must watch it with your Scorpio awareness.

You can pretend not to see what you see in public but rather, wait for your privacy in order to put it together. Scorpio can actually enjoy some of the exploring Aries will take you on if you just restrain yourself enough to plan. Remember it isn't the signs you are dealing with that are in charge. They are merely tools you are given to work with. It is your job to understand and use all the tools you are given to work with. You should not allow the tools to rule you. Aries is in a sixth house position from Scorpio while Scorpio is in an eight house position from Aries.

As a sixth house influence, Aries is put in a work and service position to Scorpio. Aries prefers to be more independent and therefore rather difficult for Scorpio to rule with any authority. While Mars ruled both of these signs, Scorpio was all but powerless to enlist the help of the independent Aries. Much of the earlier disgrace associated with Scorpio can be attributed to this relationship.

With the discovery of Pluto while it was in Leo, in mutual reception with a Scorpio Sun, Scorpio came into its own and began to be seen as something more positive than previously thought possible. Scorpio began to be recognized as being regenerative as well as the sign associated with death.

The Phoenix quality also was more recognized. Aries is still not a willing servant without being given the necessary freedom to be the pioneer who goes ahead unfettered to do its own thing. These two still need each other, even though they are capable of turning up much to disagree about. Scorpio is one of the taboo signs which must be faced and overcome in order to take the next step.

Aries loves to pioneer uncharted areas. However, fire does not function well in the deep water of Scorpio. If Aries is too unaware or fearless, it is likely to be drowned in a sea it fails to understand. That can take the thrill out of discovery. It needs to tread lightly. Scorpio also needs this fearless explorer but only if it is able to show that the earlier lessons have been learned and it is ready to be ushered into foreign territories.

Scorpio won't hire just anyone. Aries needs to understand there is a termination element to deal with here. Actually, death is an illusion even if it looks like the end for Aries. Scorpio, in charge, knows Aries has a lot to learn: How to teach is the problem. Scorpio is much more concerned with keeping secrets and simply leading its charges blindfolded through the "gates, pass not" from incarnation to incarnation preferably without giving up the knowledge of just how it was done.

It won't be until we know more about how one life builds on another that we are able to see through this veil. Gemini is the eighth house from Scorpio. As far as house positions are concerned Scorpio is likely to feel this is familiar territory. However, this is a contrary assignment for Scorpio to understand. Scorpio is the keeper of the secrets to the real meaning of life. This relationship reminds me very much of all secret societies, with Scorpio trying to sell its secrets to the curious Gemini who is still very much incapable of understanding what is being taught, even when all the details are spelled out.

Humanity has been sold this bill of goods from the beginning. There are no secrets to be sold. There is only the evolutionary process to get you to the point where you can see more. All that has been taught by the mystics remains an unbelievable mystery to those deeply imbedded in the obsession to maintain a material existence. We won't understand this until we are able to see both sides.

Then we will truly be masters of the material world with a sense of stewardship, rather than what we think is a license to rape the material world. Now is the time, boys and girls, to make sense out of information which must be understood. I do believe Scorpio is beginning to see that it need not fear giving up its secrets to those capable of understanding them and they cannot be hidden once someone understands.

Gemini hasn't been willing to do more than gather the facts. The meaning is another matter which would require some limitations Gemini has found intolerable. These two signs have very little trust or understanding of the need for each other. If you as an individual have both of these signs significantly placed in your chart, you are schizophrenic until you find a way to deal with this very illusive reality.

The details you love to play with will simply drive you to a painful reality as you attempt to satisfy the need to use the Scorpio influence in your chart as it demands permanent change. Change is what Scorpio loves. Gemini fears life threatening change. Scorpio fears losing its secrets to irresponsible powers. Gemini fears losing its freedom to wander untethered to anything really serious. Awareness of each other brings fear.

They each function more freely when they feel the other is totally unnecessary to the scheme of things as they know it. The world is changing. The lights are being turned on. We must begin to see what we distrusted the most also carries an invaluable pearl in the necessity to learn the truth. If you are dealing with this dilemma in your chart, you must be willing to give both parts of your nature the permission it needs to explore both freedom and responsibility without losing the identity of either.

You will have to meet the demands of blending in contradictory directions into a meaningful and usable pattern in order to reap the magnificent benefits available. It means you also have to "let the chips fall where they may. The Gemini part will take risks just to see what will happen. You will find it difficult to understand yourself until you find a way to implement both of these tendencies in some way which works for you rather than spreading you too thin to function effectively. Sagittarius has difficulty staying put while these two conservative, security oriented signs protect the risks Sagittarius is willing to take and walk away.

Never mind that it is protection Sagittarius prefers not to accept. All three of these signs are money oriented. Taurus is concerned with permanent value and long term investments of all kinds. Cancer is looking for security in all material things in order to protect the security of the home scene. With Sagittarius, it is easy come, easy go. Tomorrow is another day. Sagittarius has a reputation of going through several fortunes in a lifetime, often without suffering any really severe losses. There's more where that came from and usually they are not left penniless, at least for very long.

Taurus and Cancer will at least agree that a penny saved is a penny earned. They care about how what they have is managed. This whole philosophy carries over in the general attitude and philosophy which involves the whole lifestyle. It can work magical miracles if it is able to give full consideration to the demands or needs of each. The free spirit must not be imprisoned by anything including the management of huge resources. That must not interfere with having fun and being able to take off at anytime.

Taurus must have a secure home base which is not only affluent but beautiful and in touch with everything that grows in the earth. Cancer is domestically oriented, it must have a home circle of family or tribe which is loyal and must also be nourished. If it is not possible for the individual or individuals to bring the contradictory direction of these signs into some kind of agreeable harness it can be as devastatingly destructive as it is capable of being successful. Sagittarius is capable of going through even more than all three of these signs can manage to attract.

With Sagittarius at the helm, the extravagance can be even greater than Sagittarius alone is capable of. If Taurus is never able to feel the sense of security as well as beauty, it is capable of drastic means through a vengeful temper or a Scrooge-like hiding of resources which are never allowed the exposure to be enjoyed.

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If Cancer is not able to maintain some kind of control of those within the boundaries set around those who belong, a dedication to various methods of dictatorship can imprison everyone or all of the ability of the individual. All of these diverse needs and perceptions must find common ground in order to find any kind of peace and harmony.

If Sagittarius is forced to be tethered, it must be able to keep enough expression of its basic nature to feel that it is still in control. It needs to feel that Taurus and Cancer are keeping the home fires burning for comfort without having to worry about someone's feelings that they have been overlooked ignored or replaced by some other distraction. A significant planet in Cancer can give Sagittarius a painful "foot in mouth disease.

Sagittarius assumes that the truth as they see it is obvious and not meant to offend anyone. When the realization suddenly dawns that someone's feelings have been hurt, the Cancer part of this quincunx is emotionally pained. The words cannot be retrieved.

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Without the Cancer awareness, Sagittarius would merely shrug the shoulders and walk away with little concern. Cancer might also be able to do this if someone outside the circle was involved. In which case there might be some satisfaction that it had caused some hurt. As you can see, these three conflicting natures are difficult to blend in a way that the best is always available.

If you have the three to deal with it will take some time and awareness of the need to pay closer attention to satisfy the needs of each. Relationships are basic. Sagittarius finds friends easy to come by. If one is lost, there is always another unsuspecting individual to attach with little warning of how easily they may be left behind. Both Cancer and Taurus wish to hold on to people. Taurus will go to great lengths to keep a friend often throwing good money after bad to bale someone out of a bottomless pit. Once Taurus gives up, it is over, never to look back. With Cancer, every friend is an investment they will work hard to keep, more with manipulation than with further investment.

Finding some way to get even or further extract what they feel is owed is a real possibility. Any one of these signs can go their merry way with little thought of the consequences. If you are saddled with all three points of view it is another story. You are saddled with finding some way to use these qualities to make your life more comfortable, rather than merely getting you into more discomfort and trouble.

The broader awareness has the potential for making you a more responsible, caring, reliable, and balanced individual with everything to offer. You can be sensitive, stable and detached all at the same time once you have the awareness not to get in over your head by going too far in any one of the directions each of these signs would take you if you were limited to merely one direction. With Sagittarius as the focal point, Taurus represents a Sixth house influence of work and service.

Both of these signs attract money. Neither are particularly work oriented. However, Taurus will hang on to whatever it sets its mind to. Whether it is a job, project, relationship, or just wanting to maintain the status quo of where it finds itself. Sagittarius is a traveler. Don't fence me in. Sagittarius is easy come easy go. Just don't tie me down. Having to deal with these conflicting drives in one chart is no easy assignment. Somewhere along the line it would help for you to remember that you are in charge.

When you reach that point you will feel less like a victim of your own drives. If it represents an influence from another person it would be well to let each play a role most comfortable to them. Taurus must learn to be comfortable, staying put without suffering over the wandering nature of Sagittarius, allowing Sagittarius the freedom necessary to maintain the attraction. Sagittarius must learn to be sensitive to Taurus' need for security and some kind of stability in whatever routine can be maintained.

The Meaning of the Quincunx or Inconjunct Aspects in Astrology

The attraction is most stimulating at first sight. What could possibly go wrong? Taurus will not be able to keep up with the fast pace of Sagittarius although it will be dazzling at first. Sagittarius may soon be bored with Taurus enjoyment of just plain peace and quiet. If you are dealing with this energy in your own chart, you may even be frustrated with yourself as to which way you want to go, with a guilt complex regarding indulgences.

Taurus' practicality may seem more respectable. However, Sagittarius optimism is irresistible even when it appears to be totally irresponsible. Once you learn to understand and accept the seeming contradictions you will be able to benefit from the way in which your horizon is broader and more secure at the same time.

Synastry – shining a light on the Sun

Other influences in the chart will either help you deal with this one or make it more intolerable. Every tool we have can be either good or bad depending on how we are able to make use of it. Perhaps the most promising gift of this combination is the attraction and use of material resources.

If Sagittarius feels that Taurus is boring, Cancer is even more difficult. Tears and emotional tantrums are involved in this eighth house relationship with Sagittarius at the focal point. Possessiveness and jealousy are very prominent in any relationship between these two. It really stretches my imagination as to the attraction here, since the obstacles are so prominent.

However, their opposite natures do seem to attract knowing the other has something each needs in order to be a more balanced individual. The problem is that these two signs on their own have little awareness of the need for anything outside their own domain. Sagittarius sees little value in a home base except just for someplace to stay for short periods of time.

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  6. Cancer sees little need for anything outside the control of wherever the boundaries of the home base are drawn. Few Cancers draw these lines very far away from their personal control. If someone as footloose and fancy free as most Sagittarians enters the ground, they are not likely to be asked to join the establishment.

    They are merely treated as an interesting visitor who probably needs watching so as not to capture one of the "in" group. If you have this quincunx in one chart, you will literally be torn as to which way to go. Most will end up going from one extreme to another. It will require some real awareness to keep both of these needs balanced in a way that will be comfortable with each other.

    You will want someone to keep the home fires burning while you wander until you become homesick once more. It won't take too much time before you begin to feel confined and imprisoned if you spend any significant time at home without at least short trips in and out. For most people with this to deal with, balanced comfort will be something you are not likely to ever experience. It will take some real effort on your part to develop your understanding to the point that you can have both without suffering or feeling guilty that you have not been fully responsible in order to maintain your own sovereignty in your own way.

    Our culture doesn't help you do this. It is still a fact that to be a well balanced person you need every sign, every house, and every planet to be contributing its energy under your control in a way that results in manageable stress. When a quincunx is very prominent and powerful in your chart it is a challenge to see around the more obvious contradictions to a comfortable balance which works for you rather than against you. It's worth the effort to find a peace that works for you.

    We all need a sense of freedom as well as a place to call home. With Sagittarius, home may be only where you hang your hat.