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Even for those who are not interested in what you have to say, your views will eventually prove to be deeply pertinent, prophetic even. In general, though, you can begin to wind down the pressure in a number of areas. You are probably spending far too much, not to mention thinking about money more than is really necessary. After a momentary lapse, you may come to realise that your security relies more on emotional contentment than the quantity of coins in your pocket.

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After a period of contemplation, work out what your top priority is and make a personal wish. Implement whatever you decide without delay. Your charms are definitely coming to the fore again, which will be very useful as far as your long-term interests are concerned. One thing I would say is that you must be prepared to lay out some cash up front if you are pursuing important schemes. Authority needs to be respected and you, in your turn, must exercise power with dignity.

In fact, this is likely to be the one area that receives more attention than anything else over the next year.

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Powerful eclipses are falling across your financial axis, leading to massive shifts in how you make money, how you spend money, and how you save money. There might be an opportunity to invest in ways that hasn't previously been available. You might also hear amazing news about your partner's money if you're in a committed relationship.

With expansive Jupiter moving through your relationship sector until December 2, it is possible that wonderful things are happening for your mate in his or her career. The love connection you two feel will also be quite blessed this year -- enjoy it! On July 2 a Solar Eclipse will fall in your 2nd House of Earned Income, breathing new life and possibilities into your personal cash flow.

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Let's say you've been out of work. Now, you've got a fresh start and you're ready to nurture your talents in order to maximize opportunities coming your way in career.

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Do not set the bar too high. Despite an exceptionally successful coincidence of circumstances, you are not almighty, and this is not the best time to lay the foundation for some new projects, especially large ones. Try to work with what you already have. Do not let others knock you down; you clearly know what you need, and everything else doesn't matter. If we are talking about Geminis who do not have their own businesses, then the stars advise the same things to the representatives of this sign.

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Now, you do not need to change your place of work or open a business, but if you have already done something like this, December will be an ideal time for development. Act in accordance with your own ideas about what things should look like.

Do not neglect the tiny details, and try to perfect any technical aspect. But, do not demand a lot from human beings, otherwise you will be disappointed. Therefore, it is better to immediately free yourself from the potential negativity, trying to do it without familiarity and without getting too close to anyone.

Everything can work out a little differently in the love sphere. Gemini can successfully develop existing relationships in December because of Venus's successful interstellar positions, but it is not worth it to start new ones. This is not the time and not the place to move "to another level. If the communication gradually fades away, then this relationship was doomed from the very beginning. You can act faster, but not in the situations when the question under consideration is all about intimate relationships.

However, if you feel that you might lose a good friend, try to do something.

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Despite the fact that, in general, everything will work out successfully, some conflicts are possible just because someone in your surroundings will fall under a negative influence. What are you supposed to do in this situation? Act, but very carefully. You will have to analyze this situation, and literally pick up the "keys" for your friend to prove that you are right, without hurting him.

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Geminis with families will focus on the problems around their household. Be careful, you can expect some very important news and you need to interpret it in the correct way. For the rest of things, try to spend more time with your children children in their turn should try to see their parents more often.

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