Solar eclipse 23 december 2019 horoscope

Please regard that the information in the following table applies only to the place of maximum eclipse, latitude 1. The following table shows the schedule and phases of the Annular solar eclipse of December 26, in Guam. For each city we have assigned a time zone which is very precise and it takes into account Daylight Saving Time if applicable.

Sun Alt. To obtain eclipse information for a particular city, you may load the interactive world map.

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In addition, the world map shows the path of totality and the coordinates of the greatest eclipse. Due to some limitations, this map may sometimes not load Load content. Observers must be very careful while viewing the solar eclipse. Our advice is to never look at the Sun with the naked eye. For safety, you must always use sunglasses, telescopes and binoculars with special filters. Never use these equipments without protection as the Sun's ultraviolet and infrared light may harm your eyes or cause blindness if you look at the Sun directly.

The foundation of your life is bound to crack in some way in order to alert you to the fact that it's no longer serving as a solid base, but rather a suffocating boundary. Don't be afraid to reinvent yourself in terms of your values and your place in the material world. It's time. Many will begin new career paths at the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 which aligns perfectly to Saturn in Capricorn. This eclipse means business and offers you the potential to move mountains. A Solar Eclipse on July 2 in Cancer will oppose Saturn, asking you to let go of what you thought made you secure in order to become the master builder of your life.

This final eclipse of will be magical. It's conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn and trine Uranus in Taurus. Expect a sudden, material windfall to occur if you've done the work of securing your place in the world. In you can accomplish more than your wildest dreams envision -- as long as you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground as you reach for the stars. Remember, an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward.

Mercury Retrograde 12222 Virgo

If life drags you down with difficulties, it means it's going to launch you into something great. What groove are you moving to this month, Taurus?

Solar Eclipse January 12222 Astrology

If not this, then others may feel a rush of excitement to where you neglect your personal space— which includes everything from living environment, family, friends, personal health, etc. Ensure you thoroughly examine any leases, contracts, or anything that can potentially place limitations post-retrograde if, say, you choose to take an alternate route to your goals. Talk out your thought processes with close ones, as they may provide unexpected insight.

Second Solar Eclipse of 12222

Not needing to get out there right now will actually help you get out there sooner. Hope you had an outrageous month full of celebrations for your birthday, my lovely Geminis!

Solar Eclipse February 2018 - True Sidereal Astrology

Alas, your season is over. Time to get back to the real world. This retrograde is taking course in your 3rd house of communication, information, and education alongside Mars.

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However, uncomfortability is your obstacle during this retrograde. Not needing to overthink everything actually brings clarity right to you, Gemini. I know this past June was likely full of trials and tribulations. You need not worry, however, because the weird juju is mostly passing. This retrograde is taking course in your 2nd house of finances and materialism alongside Mars. With the Sun and Moon following behind in your 1st house of appearance and self-identity, the solar eclipse in your sign is dishing you karma—good or bad.

For others, however, you might just have to show up outside your comfort zone to reap the rewards.

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  7. Likewise, all of you need to be wary of anyone trying to steal your thunder. Stay inspired and empowered. Shine light onto others, but nurture your light above all else. Not needing to serve everyone else will actually serve them the good you intend for, Cancer. Can you feel the anticipation, Leo? Yes, big breakthroughs and energy bursts are soon going to take course for you. Spend this time pampering yourself. Get some rest. Not holding onto an old part of yourself actually allows you to step into what is rightfully you, Leo.

    Why so serious, Virgo? Seriously, this is not a time you want to take yourself too seriously. This retrograde is taking course in your 12th house of spiritual closure, liberation, and transcendence alongside Mars. With the Sun and Moon in your 11th house of sociality, collectivity, and group activity, you may have a lot of opportunities and responsibilities running rampant during this retrograde.

    A lot of shifts have been and are continuing to take place with you. Many of you are moving, or trying to move, whereas others have been in search for better career opportunities or living environments even locally. Why waste the energy beating yourself up if you have no idea what will unfold in the coming months?