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The best pet for Libra is one that will get along with everybody they bring into their circle. Smaller and low maintenance pets pair best with Libra than do larger, more extravagant pets. Cats Cats are great friends to Libra because they are very intelligent and one of the most psychic animals on Earth. Libra is a little psychic as well and cats will be great companions when the party is over and Libra still wants a warm body to snuggle with.

For Libra, it can't be just any cat. A pure breed such as a beautiful Russian Blue or the Maine Coon is the most ideal cat for Libra who always wants the best of the best.


Dogs Dogs are wonderful companions to Libra and Libra finds them useful for many reasons. Security for one thing at home when they are away, and a dog's loyalty will be rewarded by Libra. Again we have a zodiac sign that needs the best of them all, so a pure breed or a mixed breed that is on the high end is best for Libra. Greyhounds are fast and intelligent and make Libra happy, as do family-oriented dogs such as Retrievers or Labradors.

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Some Libras prefer small animals in the purebred line, such as Shih Tzus. The Abyssinian cat loves attention and admiration, much like the Leos who constantly look for praise and respect from others.

This near-perfect combination will never disappoint. For the robust Leos, a ferocious feline such as the tiger cat could work well.

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Both are defined by their boldness and outgoing nature. A Persian cat is a gentle creature, usually taking time to warm up to people.

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Once the bond is formed, they will remain yours forever. This trait makes them an apt pick for shy Virgos, who are also known for their caring and loyal nature. Known for their organizational skills and pragmatic nature, Virgos hate chaos and want their lives free of drama. With a hairless breed such as the Sphynx, Virgos don't have to worry about fur on the furniture or anywhere else!

The balanced Librans appreciate the finer things in life and love being in the company of others. The adorable ragdoll cat makes for an ideal pet for them as it is good-looking and is known to be a devoted companion. The tuxedo cat is intelligent, elegant and sociable — qualities thoroughly appreciated by Librans. One of the strongest zodiac signs, Scorpios are natural leaders who know when to be assertive.

Complementing their nature is the Russian Blue cat, which isn't afraid to demand what it needs and can be a little mischievous at times. The Nebelung cat is known for its high level of intelligence and often bonds with only a select group of people, qualities much appreciated by Scorpios. The open-minded Sagittarians are unafraid to try new frontiers, often eager to experiment and unravel new things.

A good choice for them will be a hairless Sphynx — a unique cat which many may find unusual, but not the adventurous Sagittarians. Known for their carefree nature, Sagittarians also display an inherent sense of humor and mirroring these traits is the ginger cat. They are known for their lovable, independent and fun nature. While most people would shun black cats for superstitious reasons, the pragmatic and logical Capricorn is unlikely to do so.

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Capricorns like to brood and think logically and would appreciate the beauty of a black cat. The Birman cat is quite akin to the Aquarius sign by virtue of its helping nature. Just like Aquarians who go around helping others, a Birman will never leave your side when you need it. This down-to-earth and affectionate cat never troubles its owner for attention, something the free-spirited Aquarians will appreciate.

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A Ragamuffin cat has a sweet disposition and social nature, making it a suitable choice for the compassionate Piscean. The emotional Pisceans often get lost in their dreamland. The Tortoiseshell cat can be quite unpredictable — sitting quietly in the lap one moment and running around the house the next — great to bring the Pisceans back from their dreamy state. Fashion hacks to dress like a celebrity. Foods experts say will boost your immune system. Ad eBay.

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Aries: Siberian An Aries person can be best described as active, independent and dynamic. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Aries: Siamese Another good pairing would be a Siamese. Taurus: LaPerm Taureans are known for their tactile nature, just like the LaPerm breed, which is known for using its paws constantly to understand its surroundings. Taurus: Ragdoll Taureans are known to be sensitive with a strong sense of beauty. Gemini: Siamese An apt choice for the communicative Geminis is the Siamese cat.

Gemini: Turkish Van This fun-loving and social cat will be compatible with lively Geminis. Cancer: Somali Driven by emotions, Cancerians are known for being sensitive.

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Leo: Abyssinian The Abyssinian cat loves attention and admiration, much like the Leos who constantly look for praise and respect from others.