Horoscope 23 october 2019 capricorn

Are you ready to dig deep? Scorpio season is upon us, and the one thing Scorpio doesn't do is chill.

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With communication planet Mercury and lover planet Venus entering this sign, we can all expect deep connections and hot sex, but will have to work through jealousy and control issues. The highlight of every October is Halloween, which you are welcome to celebrate all month. Scorpio is the detective of the zodiac and is always searching for the truth.

Aries: You're In The Process Of Deep Healing

Use a Halloween costume to help step into your desires — it's basically role-playing in public. October ends with a Mercury retrograde beginning on the same day as Halloween, but honestly, you'll be having so much fun it doesn't even matter. Just beware of the temptation to have sex with an ex.

It's Halloween month, and everyone is feeling spooky. On Wednesday, October 2 , Pluto, goes direct. This transit asks all of us to dig deep into our darkest secrets and then find a healthy way to turn them into reality. Whether that's through making space in your life for a kink or to pursue a professional goal, it's time to share your desires with others. The next day, on Thursday, October 3 , communication planet enters sexy Scorpio. It'll become easier to share our secrets with others, but be sure to be sensitive for the potential for jealousy.

October Horoscopes for Actors

Warrior planet Mars also enters Libra, the sign of balance , on this day. This diplomatic energy will smooth over tensions that may arise but make it difficult to fight hard for what we want, as Libra is prone to people-pleasing. Venus, the planet of love, enters mysterious Scorpio on Tuesday, October 8. We're all going to be feeling intense and horny, there's no way around it. Work on channeling this energy through healthy sex or communication so the emotional vibe doesn't mutate into controlling behavior.

There is a full moon in bold Aries on Sunday, October This day holds abundant possibilities for manifestation. Try out sex magic by masturbating and visualizing what you want, personally or professionally, with a view of the light of the full moon. Get your Halloween costume ready, because Scorpio season officially begins on Wednesday, October Scorpio is represented by the death card in tarot , which isn't as scary as it sounds. It means rebirth and transformation. This time of year is excellent for breaking free from fears and stepping into your weirdest, most beautiful self.

Set intentions for the rest of autumn during the full moon in Scorpio on Sunday, October October ends with a bang on Thursday, October To start, it's Halloween, a time in which you can tap into your shadow self through the power of costume. Are you a rockstar? A witch? Embrace the holiday and dress up celebrate all month!

Today's Capricorn Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

It's also the start of Mercury retrograde. Double-check that you're sexting the right person and beware of exes, but other than that, party safely. There's a big bright full moon in your sign this month, Aries, bringing romantic and sexual satisfaction. Libra season finds the sun illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your career and legacy, and you're partnering with exciting people to reach your goals: You're always striving toward a new achievement, and Libra season brings you the partnerships you need to get there! Sure, you could get things done alone, but you learned a long time ago that the key to success is delegating the right stuff to the right people so you can focus on whatever it is that makes you talented.

Monthly Horoscope: Predictions for Capricorn

Libra season is a time for celebrating your wins and receiving rewards and recognition for your hard work. Do watch out, however, for jealousy and obsessive behavior as Venus in Libra clashes with Pluto in your sign, Capricorn, on October 1.

Capricorn Health & Wellness Horoscope

This is also a very intense time for romantic relationships. Power struggles, control issues, and surrender are important themes on October 3 as Pluto ends its retrograde in your sign: Are you able to let go of what was so you can transform? Or will you grip tightly to the past? Use this energy to grow and change, not to cling to outdated modes of being. Communication planet Mercury also enters Scorpio on October 3, finding you eager to network and socialize.

A boost in energy toward your professional efforts and public life arrives as action planet Mars enters Libra on October 4. Mars is the planet of war, Libra the sign of peace—an interesting pairing, indeed! Communication planet Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, on October 7, bringing unexpected drama to your social life. You might hear shocking news or attend a surprising event. The mood is freethinking and experimental, but watch out for contrarians and know-it-alls. You're also having to set boundaries, or possibly even be the bearer of bad news on October 7 when the sun clashes with your ruling planet Saturn, currently in your sign.

Happily, blessings arrive in your social life on October 8 as Venus enters Scorpio.

But on October 12, watch out for more drama in your social life as well as unexpected turns in your love life as Venus opposes Uranus. You're eager to try something new, and you may find that your tastes are changing—let yourself take a risk and do something different.

You're not the type to get bored, but you're especially eager to shake things up right now. A lucky full moon in Aries lands on October 13, with the sun making a harmonious connection with jovial Jupiter! This is an emotional full moon, bringing a climax to a situation that's been brewing at home and in family life. Now is an important time to connect with your ancestors and energetically cleanse your home: A big release is taking place around a long-held, emotionally charged issue. On a more mundane level, you might be moving or renovating; use the full moon's energy to purge whatever you don't want to carry with you any longer into your new space!

The sun's connection with Jupiter points to a leap in emotional growth and an inspiring energy for deep, inner work. October 14 finds messenger planet Mercury making a helpful connection with Saturn and creating a supportive energy, especially around discussions about the future.